United Methodist Church - The Nordic and Baltic Area

27.11.2021 kl. 13:33
Children’s ministry in Metodistkyrkan in Åbo, Finland. “Heavenly Fun” is the name of the Sunday School in Åbo every second Sunday where 5 – 15 kids between 3 and 11 meet to sing, learn about the Gospel and play. Recently, the congregation has renovated the Sunday School room to make it more welcoming and convenient for both kids, youth, and adults.

Metsku Youth is the name of the group for children between 10 and 14 years. They meet every second Friday evening where they pray, learn about the Gospel, play and just spend time together over a tasty meal. One of the participants describes how important it is to meet like this: “After a long and heavy week at school, it is so nice just hanging out with friends, playing and listening to God”.

A highlight of the Autumn is the Camp Metsku where families with children and teenagers and all other age groups gather for a weekend at a camp situated in beautiful surroundings. Children and teenagers have their own separate programmes, but there are also activities for all age groups. A weekend full of laughter, teaching, playing, fellowship, and a lot of fresh air!

Tron där hemma - FAITH AT HOME

When we baptize a small child in the United Methodist Church, the congregation promises to help and support the parents teach the child about the Christian faith. As a parent it may not always be so easy to know exactly how to introduce Jesus and the Christian faith to a small child.Läs mera »
12.11.2021 kl. 20:04

Översvämning i Indien

Verksamhetsledaren för Bethel Mission skriver att Chennai är helt översvämmat, ingen el och det är vatten i klassrummen.Läs mera »
11.11.2021 kl. 21:59