Tron där hemma - FAITH AT HOME

12.11.2021 kl. 20:04
When we baptize a small child in the United Methodist Church, the congregation promises to help and support the parents teach the child about the Christian faith. As a parent it may not always be so easy to know exactly how to introduce Jesus and the Christian faith to a small child.

When should you start? How do you talk about Jesus with a toddler?

All these questions and many more are everyday life to Anne Thompson, mother of 3 (aged 1, 5 and 12) and pastor at the UMC Vejle in Denmark. That is why Anne initiated a website "" (Faith at home) to help the church honour the promise to children in baptism and inspire parents and everybody else who have relationships with children"

The website contains tips and suggestions for different age groups (0 – 5, 6 – 9, 10 – 12 and parents) and is a valuable resource to nurture spiritual practice at home. The language is Danish which means that not everybody in our Nordic and Baltic area is able to understand, but it might inspire you to develop something similar in your own language, share good practice and inspire and support each other. Google translate may even help you to get a glimpse of understanding!

You are very welcome to contact Pastor Anne Thompson for ideas and advice at

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